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NSG is no ordinary urban music artist, born in 1985 in Indonesia, Nutyas Surya Gumilang (NSG) migrated to the UK at the age of 10. (more)
From: nsgmusic
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This is a silly little contraption I set up to pour me another beer.
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ZSL London Zoo's tiny baby black tailed marmoset is becoming independent. In this video it is 4 weeks old and spending time by its (more)
From: ZSLvideo
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One man, speaking for the fans... See this video and more at! t/Funbags/inter (more)
From: SlurpyJ
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Upload your video to the following group - its Blag Your Way To The BRITs - Submit A Video Blag (more)
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Whats happened on YouTube with you so far? Tell/Sing your story! Background Music: Come On - (more)
From: smivadee
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From: stmaz
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Timelapse video of Stefan G. Bucher of creating a brand new monster every week.
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Our second runner up for best green film takes a look at the rubbish menace.
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High speed video recording was tot voor kort alleen beschikbaar op waanzinnig dure professionele videocamera's. Met de LG Viewty k (more)
From: lgviewty
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1st price winning film in the Kendal mountain film festival film marathon 2007 A short silent slapstic comedy about a gear free i (more)
From: robgrange
Views: 37,611

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